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This would be B's Black Heart , if he had a heart.  Unfortunately he is a soulless monster who preys on the kindness of others.

This is a snake heart! Reminds me of Naruto's Kyuubi/Kurama heart! (Which is shown on one of the shippuden episodes)

Paddock Paradise - Hippie Geek Farm Art

The Paddock Paradise helps the horse to exercise more, eat less. In turn, hoofs stay Healthy, less chance of Founder and Laminitis

Ouzman said she’s inspired to create worlds based on her dreams. | This Avid Reader Makes Gorgeous 3D Art Out Of Abandoned Books

Seattle-based artist Isobelle Ouzman collects abandoned books and transforms them into gorgeous book sculptures. Ouzman makes her altered books with, “glue, an x-acto knife, Micron pens, watercolors and lots of love.