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They love their omelette :) #eggs #itsjudyslife #keirabear @itsjudytime by the way VLOG IS UP

Leave a note on a banana in a packed lunch which is nearly invisible in the morning, but shows up clearly by lunch!

My little gardeners :) #twins #keirabear #miyabear #garden #itsjudyslife

Enjoying the fruits of their labor in the garden with daddy! #veggielovers #itsjudyslife @itsjudytime

Vegan Elbows and Creamy Sauce with Edamame - Annie's Homegrown

Coconut Bunny Grahams Granola - Annie's Homegrown - Recipes

I love that #Juliannabear is always so interested in what were cooking!

Get them early #greenjuice #healthy #keirabear @itsjudytime

Somebody loves their #kale :) #greenjuice #healthy #juliannabear @itsjudytime

One of our favorite things to do snacking in the sun with the family! <3

Straight out of the #garden #tomatoes #twins #nommy

Bunny Graham Flag Cake! The girls love their berries and bunny snacks ! I think they'll love this!

Her own garden #spring #herbs #gardening #wa #pnw @itsjudytime

Family bike rides makes everyone hungry! Love moments like these where we get to enjoy yummy food with the family outdoors!

Shopping for fresh fruits and veggies with Daddy always brings a smile to her face =) =)

With new Bernie’s Farm® Fruit Snacks, connecting kids to real food and farm experiences just got a little bit sweeter. Playful shapes feature life on the farm, including a cow, tractor, barn and more. Bernie’s Farm® Fruit Snacks are made with real fruit and vegetable juices, and without high-fructose corn syrup. They are a naturally gluten free delight that everyone will love, parents and kids alike!

Everything you need to teach kids where food comes from (including snacks). #RealFoodisFun #BerniesFarm

A mom on the Annie's Homegrown team SWEARS by these easy tortilla roll-ups for her little ones. Include some fresh cucumber and carrot strips, Annie's fruit snacks, Organic Valley chocolate milk, and YoKids Squeezers in strawberry.

Dinner with Daddy - itsMommysLife