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This might be the most dangerous thing I've ever come across on Pinterest. Mexican restaurant white sauce.

Life sometimes leaves us in limbo, without the answers. We suffer when we imagine the things that MIGHT happen to us. PEACE WILL COME when we remember that WHATEVER HAPPENS...we will get through, we will be ok. BE OK WITH NOT KNOWING...knowing that YOU will always be ok. You made it through yesterday, you are making it through today, and you will surely make it through tomorrow no matter what happens, Choose not to suffer with worry. Be ok with not knowing, and choose joy instead. xoxo

Patience | The Fresh Exchange Or more to the point - Trust God and stop worrying!

Very true. Things happen for a reason. Nothing fails when it has to succeed, no one walks away when they have to stay. Do not live in the should haves live in the can be!

Gold Pineapple Wine Glass. A gold pineapple decorates the front of the glass and will greet you while you take a sip of your favorite drink!

Be Happy<br>Charm Bracelet

A song to start off your day. (sing with me now) :: When You Wish Upon a Star by LADYBIRDINK

floral tattoo (ink, art, black & grey) mabye for around my labrinth

Benefit hoola bronzer ♥ perfect matte bronzer for fair skin

Seychelles String Back One Piece - What's New

Be Present by 05Na on deviantART

Just tried this for the first time and I got coupons for all 15 items I put in - Coupon hack

Redwoods in Crescent Moon by Thorin Brentmar. Tattoo idea.