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I apologize for the language in this, but it does have helpful writing tips, and that is the only reason I'm pinning this.

I like adding a different word than said sometimes, because JUST using said sometimes means you add unnecessary descriptions that might become annoying i. he said sadly.she said nonchalantly. Or just use said, said, said.

Writing Tips, Encouragement


Our mind is greater than the Universe. and yes, that doesn't help me memorize all Latin terms anyway.

*I saw you chase a bird down to make it a pet, and I'm the only one that bothered to help with the scratches. *We are both the only people that understand what is happening in this class and keep making snide comments to each other. *I saw you with a dog on campus and ran to pet it. *^The dog is now mine/I demand visitation rights. *I'm hiding under your study desk because I don't want to talk to mu professor that just walked by.

College Students Writing Prompts--Great prompts, mostly because they are so accurate. As someone currently in college, many of these have happened to me. Which, of course, according to fiction means my soulmate is running late. XD << got to read later