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You can say that again!

Funny pictures about My ex's annoying habit. Oh, and cool pics about My ex's annoying habit. Also, My ex's annoying habit.


[image: drawing of Calvin saying to Hobbes “I’m related to people I don’t relate to”]. girl-in-a-wheelchair: “ Yep, this. It’s more to the case that they don’t relate to me and thus have the desire to.

Yupp.. :/

Somedays I lay in bed at night and I think about the things I wish I could say to you

might as well(;

"Some people might as well post 'wants attention' as their status." This would make it easier for all of us :/


Don't feel sad over someone who gave up on you. Feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who never would have given up on them.so true and now I do feel sorry for them, it's a shame.