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the life style spring cleaning checklist
Lifestyled - Teresa Dinneen on Instagram: "Hello March (a few days late) Since March marks the unofficial start of Spring we’re sharing our Lifestyled Spring Organization Checklist. Save this or download for free in our bio. Happy Spring Cleaning 🌸"
a woman sitting at a desk using a calculator
Lifestyled - Teresa Dinneen on Instagram: "Ten Minute Task // We’re in the FINAL stretch for the school year! This can be such a hectic time for families between graduations, end of year parties, buying teacher gifts and vacation planning. Take 10 minutes today and sweep your calendars (physical and digital ones!) 1. Are you forgetting something? 2. Is there something you can prepare for or plan ahead? If so, do that small task now. 3. Make a list of items that need to get done this week…a
the words are written in black and white on a light gray background that says, good organizing is not about changing your personality
Lifestyled - Teresa Dinneen on Instagram: "Come as you are, and let us help create those healthy, lifelong habits. Small steps actually do create big results. Our goal is to help transform your spaces, then show you the small habits to maintain them 🙌🏻"
the quote is written in black on a white background
Lifestyled - Teresa Dinneen on Instagram: "Am I right?! Having a liveable, comfortable, and functional home is the goal. That doesn't mean the home always needs to be perfect, but simply that it's easy to get back to perfect in order to stay sane 🤪 Happy Sunday!"
a wicker basket filled with green and white items
Lifestyled - Teresa Dinneen on Instagram: "Hello July // We’re officially in the thick of summer which means our schedules and spaces might be a little more all over the place. And that is totally normal…summer can throw a lot in our way in terms of predictability (or unpredictability!) This month, we’re offering some simple tips and solutions to help you maximize your summer days without succumbing to the chaos. Follow along for our tips to help keep your summer, LIFESTYLED ☀️"
the words don't overthik it are black and white
Lifestyled - Teresa Dinneen on Instagram: "Trust your judgment and let your intuition take over! It's easy to feel overwhelmed when organizing, editing, and purging. If you can't remember the last time you have worn or used an item then chances are it's time to let it go! As you continue to edit you will feel more empowered, and the whole process becomes much easier. xx"
the quote in the white frame reads, in the average home getting rid of clutter would eliiminate approximately 40 % of housework
Lifestyled - Teresa Dinneen on Instagram: “Are you feeling overwhelmed with housework…with a never ending list of things that need to pick up or cleaned? If you took just one day to…”
the words appreciate what you already have written in white
Lifestyled - Teresa Dinneen on Instagram: “As we’re four days out from Christmas and scrambling to get those last minute gifts…try to remember this. You and your family already have…”