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This would so be my Dad!! He once thought lol meant lots of love and lots of luck. He would change it when it was needed. LOL


when I wake up and text you my crazy dream and you mention your's I never really remember our conversations until something random triggers it.... here's to you being Amish!!

Let me remember this for if i ever get a husband and we have bad days lol Today sucks. Let's bang the angry out of each other tonight..


The Wizard Of Oz is just a Movie about Two Women Fighting Over a Pair of Shoes. This funny, decorative sign is painted on a black worn finish with white lettering and glittery ruby slippers. Great addition to your Oz collection.

Meh... this one's just OK. I wasn't feelin' it, so I loaded it up with almost 50 pics. Don't worry, I'll bounce back. Jordan missed some game-winners from time to time. Enjoy the basketball and St. Patty's day this weekend.

For one I like Glee a lot because I love to perform but I don't have enough time to be apart of performances. I am confident in my own skin and I love cracking a joke here and there.


If only I would have thought of this smartass answer when I still still in high school lol.

I appreciate that thugs dress like this...bc they are dumb enough to shoot you for disrespecting them by making them the butt of jokes, so they have kindly made themselves look like dumbasses so that you can laugh behind their backs risk free



Tim Simmons writes a webcomic called He also maintains the Comic Book Script Archive. He doesn't know what he's "going as" for Halloween this year, but can't wait to eat candy. Happy Halloween everyone!


Must be a Weasley.

Fanpop original article: This idea sort of hit me in the face: What if Ariel didn't want our world for our junk and our legs but our marvellous food? That underwater stuff must be dead gross.