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    Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith
    Brittany Smith

    Brittany Smith

    • New Hampshire, USA
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    In my fantasy land I'm a world traveling party planner with great shoes, lots of dogs, and hair that changes colors weekly.

    Rabbits deserve their reputation as great pets – they are friendly, inquisitive, content to play with their owners and can happily be held and stroked. With the correct diet, care and handling you and your rabbit will have a long and happy time together. *Statistics from The PDSA*

    Expansion "This unique vacation house plan has a unique layout with a spacious screened porch separating the optional 2-bedroom section from the main part of the house."

    portico - daybeds with storage (for package deliveries) that also work to close off portico and to create sitting area

    13 Signs You’re A Classic INFJ - This is sooooo true it almost hurts!

    21 Signs You're an INFJ Personality Type (INFJ Refuge Images)

    INFJ personality type Hmmm always 'thought' I was an introvert now it seems I 'maybe' an intuitive. Who knew??! LoL