White Owl

The snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) is a large, white owl of the typical owl family. Snowy owls are native to Arctic regions in North America and Eurasia. Males are pure white but females have many dark spots especially on the breast.


kellyvivanco: Lepidoptera — Graellsia isabellae — Spanish Moon Moth This moth is like living Art Nouveau.

The Quetzal, the National bird of Guatemala

The golden-headed Quetzal - national bird of Guatemala - amazing colors!

Hummingbird and Flower

The hummingbird is one of my favorite creatures on Earth, and one I've always related to. With my mother's recent passing, I know that she visited me through a hummingbird.

absolutely beautiful

This incredibly beautiful creature is a Taiwan Blue Magpie (Urocissa caerulea), also called the Taiwan Magpie or Formosan Blue Magpie, which is a member of the Crow family. It is considered a rare and valuable species and has been protected by Taiwan’.

Glory Hawk

Red tail hawk an absolutely stunning creature. Photo by Necip Perver Photography. This is actually a Red Kite, a European bird.