Chris Garofalo They are screaming: Touch me! I met a blind pianist in Italy who had a wonderful collection of ceramics. He taught me how to see with my hands. I still remember him touching his ceramics and saying: aren’t they beautiful?

Penone, Giuseppe - Ombra di Terra - Arte Povera - Other/Unknown theme - Sculpture

Penone, Giuseppe - Ombra di Terra - Arte Povera - Other/Unknown theme - Sculpture playing on layers, and the textures of wood translate it to brown paper

Giuseppe Penone - drawing in form of a fingerprint.

Paul's Art World: August 2013

Jumbo Ceramic Rattle: Kelly Jean Ohl: Ceramic Rattle - Artful Home

Jumbo Ceramic Rattle by Kelly Jean Ohl (Ceramic Sculpture

Jumbo Ceramic Rattle by Kelly Jean Ohl. This heavily textured ceramic rattle is hand-built and altered.

by Jannis Kounellis.....books arranged as a work of art as seen in contemporary quilts and paintings

jannis kounellis art povera + found objects + other crap = happiness

Bronze Small / Little Abstract Contemporary Sculptures / statue by artist Jens Ingvard Hansen titled: 'Desiccate Sphere (Round Circular Spherical Contemporary abstract statue)'

Bronze Abstract Modern Contemporary Avant Garde statues statuettes figurines statuary both Indoor Or outside by Jens Ingvard Hansen titled: 'No title'

iiiinspired: ceramic sculptures

valeria nascimento spiral Porcelain Installations by Valeria Nascimento.

Jonathan Wade. Wall Piece no. 3 depth 7 cm, diameter 93 cm.

borbea: Jonathan Wade Wall Piece no.

Tom Stogdon Sculpture.  Stogdon's website and portfolio are full of mind-boggling images of stone and metal work.

Round by Tom Stogdon Bronze & Pale Slate - 63 x

Porcupine by Barbro Åberg.

Porcupine by Barbro Åberg.

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