Fiji ... this island! Bucket List

Fiji, sandbar path allows you to walk on water to the island. Would love to go to Fiji and walk to this island!

The Desert Of Maine, Freeport, Maine. The story is that a couple of hundred years ago, bad farming practices on this farm near Freeport destroyed its protective layer of grass. Sand dunes crept across 40 acres of once arable land. In 1917, enterprising Henry Goldrup bought the land and began to exploit its unique characteristics as a tourist attraction. A pleasant surprise awaits in a sheltering barn -- the Sand Museum!

The Desert of Maine is a tract of exposed glacial silt surrounded by a pine forest in the town of Freeport, Maine, in the United States. Strange place for a desert.

Celebrate new years in Times Square - bucket list

New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop Party, New York City. Boek de New Year’s Eve Times Square Ball Drop Party in New York City, New York van Viator.

Just dance with the zombies - Thriller Dance

How To Thriller! Haha This is funny because me and Anndraya and Elizabeth were Michael Jackson and thriller for a Lip-synch this would've been helpful for our dance ha ha

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