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Living Africa: photography by Steve Bloom

Pilgrim - Lalibela, Ethiopia A pilgrim reads from a well-worn prayer book near the church at Bet Giorgis. The most popular prayers among the Christian Orthodox of Ethiopia are the Psalms of David. Ethiopians are the oldest followers of Christianity on the continent of Africa.


Living Africa: photography by Steve Bloom - Telegraph

Map of Mount Athos


Map of Mount Athos

Mount Athos Monastery Photograph by Travis Dove In the ancient monastic community of Mount Athos in northern Greece, Eastern Orthodox Christian monks live much as their brethren did a thousand years ago. A steady influx of young men over recent decades has actually increased their ranks. Mealtimes in the ornate refectory of the Xenofontos monastery, shown here, are a communal (though silent) affair. From "Called to the Holy Mountain" in the December 2009 issue of National Geographic…


Greece Photos -- National Geographic

Ethiopian Orthodox priest writing text from the bible on a book made from goat skin - Abi Adi area, Ethiopia | Mitchell Kanashkevich

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храмовая икона


on the Synaxis of the Archangels and Angels…

on the Synaxis of the Archangels and Angels...

Christ the Blessed Silence Russian: Palekh School 19th c, 30.6 x 27 cm This iconography developed in Russia in the 16th c (though early examples are extremely rare). An eight pointed star – a symbol of eternity – surrounds the head. The sticharion (liturgical outer garment) is depicted with jewellery and decorative details typical of Palekh or Mstera in the 19th century. The image was popular with monastic circles because of its focus on silence and prayer.

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