magazine rolls on any shape you want - the vintage whale in sepia tones, whale tail, moose - province in maps & words of the province....

Go bears DIY: Pick a silhouette, cut magazine strips, & use Mod Podge as the glue & sealer. could do this with any silhouette!

DIY Branch Shelf - I imagine this on a bigger scale using driftwood.

Build cheer and deck the halls with this fun-to-build DIY Branch Shelf. See instructions here. This DIY Branch Shelf is an easy way to decorate with nature and bring the outdoors in. Learn how now.

tightly rolled-up magazine pages glued onto canvas = very cool image pattern making

Wall Art tightly rolled magazine tubes to form patterns. Good idea to get rid of my box full of magazines.

Eco Friendly & Fun 23 Of The Most Genius Recycling Plastic Bottle Projects

Eco-Friendly & Fun- 23 Of The Most Genius Recycling Plastic Bottle Projects

Dutch Pancakes

Dutch Pancakes

Dutch Pancakes-Made these today, so easy and super yummy, I just made them with syrup and powdered sugar.

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Mixed Media by Lee Gainer

Rolled up strips of magazines. (DIY idea for rolled up magazine project, paper crafts, decor, wall art)

If you manage to get your pancakes looking like this, then you're certainly winning! Tell us what you put on yours for a heavenly treat!

Dutch Pancakes: "Pannekoeken" Recipe

As a self proclaimed connoisseur of pancakes, this is a Must for the next brunch, obvies Dutch Pancake Recipe: the real Pannekoeken Breakfast in bed! Happy Father's Day my love!

Amazing DIY  Crafts Ideas

Magazine Art Bowl - Blow up a balloon. Cut strips of magazines, fold in half. Roll up and glue to balloon. When all dry, pop balloon. Link to additional Magazine Art Projects (bowls and vases)

DIY Tree Branch Seahorse DIY Tree Branch Seahorse by diyforever

DIY Tree Branch Seahorse **Mi(my) WAY: combine with the idea of the lit wood Christmas tree on the canvas, do any shape on the canvas then add lighting. Or weave lighting through out or around the seahorse or whatever u design.

Poffertjes (Dutch Mini Pancakes)

Poffertjes are little pancake puffs from the Netherlands. They are formed by pouring a yeast-based batter into the cavities of a Poffertjes Pan and are cooked on each side until puffed and golden.


Button Tree by Monica Furlow; using for inspiration for my creation Button Tree by Monica Furlow; using for inspiration for my creation Button Tree by Monica Furlow; using for inspiration for my creation

Leuk om te maken met canvas, tijdschriften en mod podge (of de simpel versie: witte lijm en water in de verhouding 1:1).

make a I LOVE YOU collage out of old magazines. great project for kids, wine night, etc.of course you can choose other fun words or things. such as serenity.words of encouragement. and so on.

Find out more about this amazing DIY from LOWE’S Creative Ideas here! xoxo, Sunset & Vine

Fun and Easy Silhouette DIY Wall Art. I would do it on a solid color though instead of wood grain being in the silhouette.

DIY Simple Decorative Painting-no actual directions but good picture steps are shown

This is a pretty sweet idea. Paint canvas the color you want your stencil design to be then spray an adhesive to the stencil and place it on the canvas. Now spray the entire canvas. Remove stencil and you're done. With horses for bonus room