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Catherine Hyde - Moving Through Darkness | like an owl you must fly / by moonlight with an open eye / and use your instinct as a guide / to navigate the ways that lay before you / you were born to take the greatest flight (Josh Garrels; White Owl)

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Prayer for Woodland Travellers," by Ari Berk. Art by Alan Lee. Lasting light upon the track at dusk, No forest as deep as a single day, All the wolves have fled; Before darkness, before winter, I am safely home.

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BLOOD AND POPPIES Archive RSS Ask Vicki, Georgia/from Delaware, Artist, Writer, Reader, Pre-Raphelites, Sailor Moon, Crowns, Wings, Crosses, Fleur-de-Lis, Fantasy Books, Vampires, Myth and Legends, In Love. Instagram: victoria_cook_

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