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Could be a great idea for a going off to college gift. Love this sweet and thoughtful gift for a loved one. Give them words of encouragement for every occasion!

❤ My wonderful mom helped me. Anniversary gift for my one year with my girlfriend.

Easy, DIY photo frame - great gift for long distance relationships (or for your family & friends if you move away). All you need is paint pens! I want to do this for My Mother in law. With the quote " never apart, maybe in distance but never in heart"

2 year anniversary gift

2 year anniversary gift Quote from a favorite song

Anniversary idea: On the Hour - I love the idea of giving Brian a gift every hour!! We were married on Dec 20th, so I will label his gifts to be opened starting on 12:20 pm ~Am

A present for every hour on your spouse’s birthday…what a cute idea to keep them feeling special all day long! (Good idea for kids too!) A present for every hour…

Two-Year Anniversary Present | 1462 days of marriage.

Sweet anniversary present

Birthday card for my boyfriend! <3 Very easy to make! Try it out!!

Birthday card for him

For mine and my boyfriends 6th year anniversary I made us a memory box. Throughout the year we will write down notes of our most cherished moments and put them in the box. And on our 7th anniversary we will open it and read them together.

Throughout the year, write down notes of your most cherished moments and put them in the box. And on your next anniversary open and read them together.

Lovely exploding photo box ♥ Made one of these for my German exchange partner last year :)

DIY your Christmas gifts this year with 925 sterling silver photo charms from GLAMULET. they are compatible with Pandora bracelets. Exploding Box - could be a great gift by adding gift cards to some of the flaps!

This Guy's Present To His Girlfriend Will Make Her Smile Every Morning For An Entire Year

"The 365 Jar" Contained within this jar are 365 handwritten notes, each color coordinated to three themes: moments and memories, quotes and lyrics, reasons I love you. Every morning for the next year, she will pick one note out to start her day.