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Bob Marley supported the use of marijuana. He believed that alcohol promoted corruption. He viewed marijuana as a herb that healed instead of destroyed. With Bob Marley's perspective, it can prove that marijuana provides care rather than destruction.


Cannabis Colors :) -smoke this shit and my piss test would be THC covered skittles!


Its a pot plant flower bud.Too bad the things are illegal. No ,I dont smoke anything thanks.

Gorgeous braid

Separate the top half of the crown and section off the bottom into a ponytail. Next waterfall the top braid and section that off. Then tease the bottom half putting it into a low ponytail. Last combine the braid into the ponytail.

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Check Out 25 Prom Hairstyles For Long Hair Braid. It is agreed that nearly everyone want to be shining and impressive on the special and important prom. There are a great number of prom hairstyle for long hair.