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LMAO, but true.....

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So cool!

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I've never seen a seal cheese so hard in my life

She Received A Seal Of Approval

I want to make these!

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To make a river stone mat first you have to gather or purchase river stones. After that take a plastic mat and arrange all the stones on it. Then stick all the stones one by one to the plastic mat by using silicone sealer. Let the sealer dry completely and voila!

Try a River Stone Mat for Your Home

Knotted Onesie | 34 Gifts For The Coolest Baby You Know...I want all the things!

34 Gifts For The Coolest Baby You Know


13 Inspirational Quotes to Read on Your Worst Mommy Days


Artistic Takes on 9 Classic Fairy Tales

So cute :p

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I feel like coffee would taste better in this cup

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Funny Pictures Of The Day -

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 123 Pics

So awesome

angels on earth - tattoos

12 things happy people do differently - stephen covey

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Awesome nail art

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Thinking about this color

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Want this so bad!

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This is just super cool

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Like this style

Mister AnhCoTran

Like it

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Batman harley quinn ring :O

Stunning Batman Harley Quinn Engagement Ring - When Geeks Wed

Modern Harley Quinn makeup, i would do another smudged diamond on the other eye as well as make the lips more blood-drippy

Harley Quinn Inspired.

So cool

15 Hottest Braided Hairstyles - PoPular Haircuts

Story of Palestine.

Story of Palestine in Pictures and Video


quickmeme: the funniest page on the internet