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Ivy Weddings
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Something New, Something Blue: Blue Apron Review

One of the fun things about being a wedding photographer is that we get to make friends with lots of amazing people – brides, grooms, families, and of course, awesome vendors in the wedding industry!

Pregnancy captured through the months... A pregnancy Series.

Pregnancy captured through the months. A pregnancy Series.

Puppies getting mail... We live with famous puppies!

Puppies getting mail. We live with famous puppies!

Ringo and Lenny have nothing on a Maine Coon.

We’re always surprised when our clients meet Ringo and Lenny and tell us how small they are: “They’re way smaller than they are in your pictures!” We guess when we post a picture, they look small to us, because we.

Joy’s Bridals at Las Colinas

We shot Joy’s bridal photos on a gorgeous, sunny day. Our first stop (with an awesome area) actually had to be abandoned, because there was a rather large dog who had made his home in the parking lot and didn’t.