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Live for today

Anberlin lyrics make the best quotes ! "Live for today, we'll dream tomorrow"


I will give you this face. The entire red light. And then I shall shame you for passing me. And if I have my green emergency responder light in, I am cursing your soul until you move OVER!

Zayn Malik

I'm am going to post about this beautiful "boy" no matter what. He might have left us, but that doesn't mean we should leave him.

I promise to dream of you every night and from this day until all days have ended, I promise to always speak to you before I sleep no matter if your ears are there to hear the words.

We miss you Zayn hope you go far in life we love you ❤️❤️💔💔😭😭

Zayn... The clothes designers should pay HIM to wear their clothes. Oh annnnndddd STUBBLE! :)

Zayn being a model like always.) -Lyd :) how is it possible to be this attractive.