Rainbow after the storm. just a reminder God still keeps His promises when you see a rainbow rejoice And Go read John that's another great promise

Ice Crystal Rainbow (iridescent cloud)

The Ice Crystal Rainbow ~ Iridescent Cloud, Pacheco- Natures art

Reflection causes circular rainbow

***GIF*** Reflection causes circular rainbow! Really beautiful reflection of the rainbow which appears to be a circle!


60 Beautiful Rainbow Pictures

A reflection of a double rainbow in the River Lagan, near Belfast, Northern Ireland. The reflection of the double rainbow is faintly visible in the bott.

A double rainbow in the Colorado mountains.

Double Rainbow, The Rocky Mountains, Colorado** I am reminded of God's promise to Noah in this picture.and how the rainbow is a symbol of the covenant between them. love it!


"The 'Pot-of-Gold' At The End of The Rainbow ~ The Ocean!" (Photograph By: John Shephard in Australia.


A Rainbow Arches From The Sky Onto Photograph - the rainbow really enhances the color of the barn .