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Divergent party

Divergent party

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Tris and Caleb talk in front of a big bean when she goes to visit him at the Erudite head quarters, this is the bean! Its in Millennium Park and my best guess from the description in Divergent, the buildings that are behind The Bean in the picture would be the Erudite head quarters.

the trilogy's covers all in one

Divergent Cake


Divergent Cupcake Toppers / Party Favor Tags. $8.00, via Etsy.

Abnegation snack for Divergent Themed party. I sure wish it was spelled correctly!! :(

Dauntless Snack for the Divergent Theme Party. Pop Rocks, Cry Baby Sour bubble gum, 3 Alarm Hot Tamales!!

Divergent Themed party. Candor- Honestly Good cookies. :)

We made these cupcakes for a Divergent Theme Party at school!!! These even have the first 4 pages of the book!!! So fun.

Eye makeup!

Four's back.

One of my favorites :)

Abnegation Party. Sorry, not fun enough!

Erudite Party - DIVERGENT Fansite

Candor Party. Not as fun as a dauntless party, but still awesome.

Erudite Party - DIVERGENT Fansite

Amity Party. I don't think I could pull this off

AmityParty - DIVERGENT Fansite

Erudite Party. Yup, this is happening.

Erudite Party - DIVERGENT Fansite

Faction nails!

Dauntless Party. This is so happening!

decadent chocolate cake for the dauntless! ;)

delectable deliciousness: Decadent Chocolate Cake

Divergent Factions ~ Amity, Candor, Dauntless, Erudite, Abnegation

choosing ceremony

Faction M’s! Love it! Someone had a brilliant idea.