Ditch that expensive, wasteful bottled water — the tap is where it’s at. Tapi by Australian company Dreamfarm turns your ordinary faucet into a fun drinking fountain without disturbing the normal flow of water.

Long distance mugs

Long Distance State or Country Friends Couple Mugs Set of Two

Quietly Close Doors

Latchy Catchy Grey Dots (PATENTED)

It'd be great idea for any door! Door Jammer - allows you to open and close babys door without making a sound. Keeps little ones from shutting themselves in the room. (This would be a great gift for new moms.) Add to scrap fabric ideas!

Inflatable cool for a rainy night! Star watching. NO BUGS

so cool for a rainy night! NO BUGS Transparent bubble tent puts campers under the stars (but careful where you get undressed!

Cordless Water Pump -  We've used this at our campsites for years.  Awesome!

25 Tips For Making Camping Easier Cordless Water Pump - Cordless water pump dispenses bottled water without lifting or spilling. Specially designed pump snaps onto a 5 or 6 gallon bottle.