"Assert your dominance over women? What is your problem? You have a mother!"(Whats Your Favorite Meme)

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 71 Pics

When I saw this episode, I laughed for 5 minutes straight thinking about what Vivan was thinking when she saw the card! Oh my gosh. This is hilarious.

New Girl

About Nick Miller, New Girl - Nick's delicate. Like a flower. Like a chubby, damaged flower who hates himself.

literally the best quote. i love his sass and sarcasm. and relatability.

Let's get this straight, I'm obsessed woth cole sprouse/ jughead jones 😂❤😣 might have a lowkey problem😂❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

New girl

12 Uses For Scattered Bobby Pins (or in Nick's words, "Bobby's pins").