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There were 3 teams and 3 posters hanging on the wall. Below each poster was a sack with items to draw for Santa. All of the bags contained the same items so that it was fair. Some of the items to draw were: beard, pants, boots, etc. The thing that made this game both fun and tricky was the order in which each team drew out the items. For example, a person might draw out the paper slip that said beard, before they even had a face drawn, or boots before they had the pants, etc.

Room Mom 101: Christmas Party

All you need are pens and paper plates. Fun game that can be used over and over again for different occasions!


ELA in the middle | Middle School English, Language Arts

List of Historical Movies & Documentaries on YouTube - for all ages (mostly middle school and high school, but some for younger kids)

historical movies on youtube | le chaim (on the right)

The Science Life: Teaching the Scientific Method using Mythbusters

The Science Life: Teaching the Scientific Method

Nailed it.

Summarize: Commutative: the ORDER in which you add or multiply numbers doesn't matter. Associative: how you GROUP the numbers when you add or multiply doesn't matter. Same kid friendly meanings for identity (how the number still sees itself in the mirror), inverse (opposite and upside down), and distributive (break a number apart).

Importance of

Cooking Family and Pets

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Notice and Note Anchor Charts-Chevron


Powerful word choice = powerful sentences.

Character Conflict Anchor Chart

Runde's Room: Plot in the Pumpkin Patch

Teaching students to "show" in their writing.

Classroom management clipboard - easy and manageable. I think I pinned this already, but repinning now as a reminder to print because I definitely need it this year!

Getting Ready for the Start of School Part II: Why Some Teachers Have Smooth Running Classrooms

Halloween Writing Lesson Idea

Cool Colors Editable Teacher Planner

Teacher Weekly To-Do Lists Free

Decimals to Fractions Freebie - Common Core Aligned with Math.Content.4.NF.C.6, use decimal notation for fractions with denominators 10 or 100.

6th Grade Teacher & Lesson Planner Editable w/Common Core


Clutter-Free Classroom: While You Were Out: Make a Classroom Expectation Chart With Your Students