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OLD BUFFALO HUNTER The story lines on this portrait depict the weathered life and times of an old buffalo hunter. Lame Bull as he looked in the Lame Bull was of the Blackfoot Band who roamed the plains of Alberta Canada. No location.

Cayuse man known as Whirlwind photographed by Lee Moorhouse. (digital database of photographs of Pacific NW Native Americans)

Lisha-Lalahikots (Brave Chief) with peace medal and headdress. Part of Caddoan and Pawnee Tribes

Portrait of LIsha-Lalahikots (Brave Chief) with peace medal and headdress. Part of caddoan and Pawnee Tribes. I would say that his name is very fitting

Pomo Indians Of California | US Broken Treaties with the Pomo and California Indian Tribes | Ganja ...

Long Chain of Abuses Broken Treaties The long series of land usurpations that would gradually erode Native American territory began with the slash of a quill pen upon parchment;

thebigkelu: “Kangi-Ho-Waste or Khan-Ghi-Ho-Asht (Good Voiced Crow), Dakota Oglala, in Partial Native Dress - Gill - MAY 1910 ”

Chief Owl—Blackfoot circa 1886. During the 1880s, Canadian Alex Ross photographed many of the First Nations people who lived around Calgary. In particular, Ross documented many of the men, women and families of the Blackfoot—mainly of the Siksiká Nation—and the Tsuu T’ina—or as they were originally called, Sarcee. Ross started his photographic career as an assistant in Winnipeg, but decided in his early 30s to relocate to Calgary and establish his own studio. The practicalities of takin...

vintage everyday: 26 Rarely Seen Vintage Photos of the First Nations People before 1900 Taken by Alex Ross

Wanagi-Ska or Wanaxi-Ska (White Ghost), Dakota Brulé, in Partial Native Dress with Headdress and Ornaments - Bell - 1880

YUMA MAN , circa 1885

YUMA MAN , circa 1885

Big Hawk - Southern Cheyenne

Big Hawk - Southern Cheyenne