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Jacqueline Holladay
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Jacqueline Holladay

This was the first time in my life I actually got a good tan without having that "redish" look. Best tan I've ever had in my life. I only have time to tan about once every 2-4 days, so this just natural tanning indoor oil is perfect for me. I think I have given everything is on the market a try, just happens that only a couple products work really well for me. I was not a natural products believer, but I have had only good results with this oil. My skin loves it!

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Not Everyone Can Afford To BUY A House; 20 DIY Pallet Shelter Designs

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how you can make an epic smoke grenade from nothing more then a book of matches and a ton of crap you can find around the house. This tutorial is very easy and if you do it right it should only take you about 15 – 20 … Continue reading »

Not Everyone Can Afford To BUY A House; 20 DIY Pallet Shelter Designs

A custom built homestead pantry for our tiny house | Homestead Honey:

Here's An Amazing Bug Out, Or Survival Home That Makes A Whole Lot Of Sense For Many Of Us. It's No Surprise They're Becoming Very Popular. http://www.thegoodsurvivalist.com/heres-an-amazing-bug-out-or-survival-home-that-makes-a-whole-lot-of-sense-for-many-of-us-its-no-surprise-theyre-becoming-very-popular/ #thegoodsurvivalist

Nigerian goats area a great choice for any size homestead, but especially for folks who are short on space.

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PREParing your home for emergencies is easily when you have a room-by-room floor plan to keep your organized! Find out more at MomwithaPREP.com

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Tiny House Plans Easy to Read and More Affordable Than Other Tiny House Plans

cabinets, stairs with flip up steps and very narrow stairs. Each step goes up one at a time for each foot. It is sort of spaced so you are putting one foot per step with a steeper step. Very space-saving.

Fisher Price Little People barn

Vintage 1970s FISHER PRICE AIRPLANE Toy via Etsy

Unique Ways to Reuse Salvaged Doors - great ideas for upcycling doors in the home and garden - via Pink Porch

Turn a Can Tab into a Survival Fish Hook

Don't be caught with a life-threatening infection when it's too late. Survival antibiotics don't cost much and they could save your life.

Living Life in Rural Iowa: 10 Totally Free Prepping Things To Do

Want to be known in the neighborhood as the best backyard in town? Get all the kids flocking to your yard by outfitting your outdoor space with a few key items. First, make it comfy! Add weatherproof furniture and throw pillows. Pick up an assortment of lawn games, such as cornhole and Spikeball. For the ultimate crowd pleaser, buy an inflatable water slide. A ping pong table will appeal to the parents, too. Visit eBay’s guide to 15 things you need to have the best backyard in the ‘hood!