Log Cabin Quilt Block | 16 Log Cabin Quilt Blocks Kaufman Asian Oriental La Scala Machine Sewn ...

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A quick and easy quilt with no math or matching up seams! The possibilities are endless with thousands of fabrics to choose from at the Fabric Shack at http://www.fabricshack.com/cgi-bin/Store/store.cgi Repinned: cheater quilts

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~ A Fabric Affair Block

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Sew and Slice Bonnie Scotsman Quilt Block - Janet Wickell

Try Bonnie Scotsman if You're Looking for a Quick and Easy Quilt Pattern


Farmer’s wife: Railroad | Password: Quilt

Farmer’s wife: Railroad


Log Cabin Quilt Block Guide Shows How To Make the Log Cabin Block PLUS Yardage Guidelines Chart | http://quiltbooksandbeyond.com/log-cabin-quilt-block-guide-shows-make-log-cabin-block-plus-yardage-guidelines-chart/

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I was speechless reading this tutorial! The ingenious simplicity of it will blow your quilting mind! Thank you to the genius that came up with it!.

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Bear Paw tutorial

Vintage Inspired Bear Paw Quilt


How to Bind a Quilt

How to Bind a Quilt - Sweetbriar Sisters


How to Sew a Quilt Binding |Adventures of a DIY Mom


With a few pins and a little bit of patience, you will learn how to bind a quilt in half the time it would take to bind a quilt by hand.

How to Machine Bind a Quilt


Joining Pre-Quilted Blocks..I have re read these instructions...they are really clear and concise...USE THIS METHOD !!

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How to Join Quilt Blocks as You Go TUTORIAL


Texas A M Table Runner

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*Quilt Sizing. click on the image for details, and this link is to another site with more good info: http://www.equilters.com/library/quilt_issues/quilt_sizes-bed_sizes.html

Log Cabin Quilt is One of the Easiest Quilt Blocks to Construct.


'Mitsu Ume' - 'three Plum Blossoms' from 'Japanese Quilt Blocks to Mix and Match' by Armchair Quilter

Armchair Quilter: January 2010


This is truly a great craft book. Full of pretty and easy patterns that are adaptable in many sizes. Easy enough for a beginner like me to make a great-looking #quilt. $9.95

Bed Quilts Just Your Size


How to make loads of Half Square Triangle Units at a time.

north winds quilting: Half Square Triangle Units


how to sew patchwork blocks together so all the seams line up. Brilliant tutorial.

so resourceful | Using up my fabric stash, one scrap at a time!


japanese quilt block

Armchair Quilter: January 2010


Julia's Place: Japanese Quilt....new blocks

Julia's Place: Japanese Quilt....new blocks


Quilt Patterns Free Quilt Patterns eQuiltPatterns.com: Japanese Haori Quilt Block

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"Puffy" Quilt tutorial! Finally, one that is FREE!!! I hate it when people try to profit off something that they *clearly* didn't invent! This lady is awesome! :)

Buzzing and Bumbling: Puff or Biscuit Quilt Tutorial -Part 1


HenHouse: Quilting-on-the-Go. This is really awesome. Love it! I really like hand quilting but doing an entire quilt at one time is daunting Doing it this way is really fun. I could do blocks like this all winter :-)

HenHouse: Quilting-on-the-Go


Quilting Tip of the Day: Dawn dishwashing soap is great to wash your finished quilts. It's similar to Synthrapol, a detergent dyers use to keep fugitive dyes from redepositing on fabric. I use just a tablespoon or two per quilt so it doesn't foam up the machine. I also wash new fabric with it for the same reason. (Wash new fabric in HOT water.) Cheap and available everywhere.

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