Jacie Williams

Jacie Williams

I love pinterest. I am so blessed as a woman. I have two beautiful children and a God fearing husband who I love so much. I love my job! I am a dance teacher.
Jacie Williams
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my entire closet still has glitter in it

This happens to me all the time - when I wash my dance costumes( that contain glitter) with my normal wash, my whole washing machine ends up with glitter in it!

Gracefully dancing

Here is a collection of great dance quotes and sayings. Many of them are motivational and express gratitude for the wonderful gift of dance.

yes grrr

And then you don't have one, so your hair just keeps whipping you in the face << And the of course you're sweaty so it sticks << And then you're in the middle of your routine and can't move it, because your arms are doing something else XD