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Best Photos Of The Week : theBERRY

Street Art is usually created using chalk and is 2 dimensional artwork found on pavements. sidewalk chalk art is famous for given the illusion of when viewed from a certain perspective. Street painting, also


I'm not crazy. crazy people don't know that they're crazy. I know that I'm crazy, therefore I'm not crazy. isn't that crazy?

don't really think art deco is the style I'm going for but I like the font of 'the great' Okay there are two amazing things about this. The lettering and the fact that it says the great gatsby :) yay

My boys love legos and now I'm a fan. This website has TONS of cool creations.

Surfing in Lego bricks and plates. How do you build a Lego wave? The ageless colorful plastic pieces are being used to create innovative surf Lego designs. Welcome to the Surf Legoland and check out the coolest surfing Lego constructions.

Red Cherries ~ Glass Art

Red Cherries Glass Art - “And Allah has created you and what you make.” Surah Saffat, God created me to create things for His glory.

"Van Gogh's cat" - GION #cats #painting #madeinitaly

This is what your cat sees when he's dreaming: Van Gogh Starry Night Kitty. get some yourself some pawtastic adorable cat apparel!