LEOPARD REFLECTION by Chad Cocking "I took this photo of a young female leopard at a waterhole in Timbavati Private Game Reserve".Only after reviewing the image did I notice her staring at me in the reflection, so I rotated it and had this result."


Passionate wildlife photographers, unlike those in other branches such as fashion and portraits, face life away from civilization for most of their working life, uncertainty of results, and real da…

Snow Leopards occupy alpine and subalpine areas in Central Asia. The total estimated population is However, the global snow leopard effective population size (those likely to reproduce) is suspected to be fewer than of the total population, or

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The follow-up to Glass Swords is due out on August 26 via Warp.Rustie unveiled 'Raptor' over the weekend, the first glimpse of his forthcoming album Green Language. According to press materials, the "album was written and recorded at to the sound of...


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