PIRATE PARTY SHARK Fins Boys Birthday Party by PoppysmicBowtique

PIRATE PARTY SHARK Fins Boys Birthday Party by PoppysmicBowtique- this is way to cute! use as cross the river idea with planks and boxes

great party favor

DIY Tutorial: Gummy Candy Skewers

Could be fun to pair neighborhood kids with a younger non-sibling.  Would keep the little ones still involved and keep the older ones from being bored.

camping party: Another version of glow in the dark ring toss. Use a glow wand to make the base and use glow necklaces as rings. Try using glow bracelets for an even more challenging game of ring toss!

this would be so awesome to do with some friends. <3

outdoor dinner party with strings of lights. The future place could host dinner parties catered out of the kitchen

Why Didn't I Think of That?

Why Didn't I Think of That?

Temporary Extension Cord Protection - If you're having a party or some other event in the yard and you need additional electricity sources, here's a great way to keep extension cord plugs dry. Cut notches in the opposite sides of a reusable plastic contai

Lego Birthday Party Idea - make lego cars and race them!

Lego and Cars Birthday Party Idea: make lego cars and race them down a homemade car ramp!


Funny pictures about Night time bowling. Oh, and cool pics about Night time bowling. Also, Night time bowling.