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Basset Hound!

Basset Hound!

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Basset - I want one!

Onslow Basset Hound Dog Art Note Cards By Cori Solomon by terikor

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping Bassett hound. Look at that nose!

Twitter / BassetMortimer: Arbeiten? Jetzt? Nein! ...


Hound Dog

basset hound

Take care of those babies, Mama!

They got a double dose of the wrinkly gene.

What a beautiful puppy!

Basset hounds doing what they do best. We crossed this darn thing there better be a cookie waiting on the other side.

Basset - I want one!


Hound dog

Basset puppy

Basset Hound

Yes, I know ... A hound dog...

Basset Hound

I ♥ Basset Hounds :)

Basset Hound pictures. Lots of great pictures. An annoying ad comes up first but it disappears quickly.

Caroler or Basset Hound?

  • Caily Stewart
    Caily Stewart

    Amy Gardner

Dinosaur or Basset Hound?

  • Kimber Daniels
    Kimber Daniels

    It's a Bassasaurous!

  • Izzy Iz-mazing
    Izzy Iz-mazing

    yes it is a bassasaurous. i dressed my old houndie like that 20 years ago and that is what we called her

  • Kimber Daniels
    Kimber Daniels

    How neat!

Movie Director or Basset Hound?

  • niki allen
    niki allen

    Cool daddy

Chicken or Basset Hound?

  • Melanie Elmore
    Melanie Elmore

    That's Hunter! How'd that end up on Buzzfeed? :D