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Green (Guinea) Turaco, South Africa

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African harrier hawk, Gymnogene, K N Park

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African Blue-bellied Roller

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Black-bellied Korhaan (Bustard)

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Paradise Flycatcher (female)

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African barred owlet.

Glaucidium capense (African barred owlet, Barred owl)

Speckled Mousebird

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Pygmy Kingfisher...the colors!

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Burchell’s Coucal


Double-collared Sunbird enjoying the sun at Kirstenbosch

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Jackie Albasini

Arrow-marked Babbler, Kruger National Park

Turdoides jardineii (Arrow-marked babbler)

Knob-billed Duck, Kruger National Park

Sarkidiornis melanotos (Comb duck, Knob-billed duck)

Laughing Dove, Kruger National Park

Streptopelia senegalensis (Laughing Dove)

Greater Double-Collarded Sunbird, Tsitsikamma National Park

Cinnyris afer (Greater double-collared sunbird)

Helmeted Guineafowl, Everywhere South Africa. These birds seemed to be a constant background noise everywhere I went in SA.

Numida meleagris (Helmeted guineafowl)

Cape Sugarbird, Hermanus, South Africa. This one is pictured on one of the seemingly endless variaties of beautiful proteas that are found in the Cape area.

Promerops cafer (Cape sugarbird)

Cape Bishop, Cape of Good Hope

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Common Moorhen, Hermanus, South Africa

Gallinula chloropus (Common moorhen)

Red-Nobbed Coot, Hermanus, South Africa

Fulica cristata (Red-knobbed coot)

Pied Crow, Hermanus, South Africa

Corvus albus (Pied crow)

African Black Oystercatcher, Cape of Good Hope

Haematopus moquini (African black oystercatcher)

African Darter

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Grey-headed Bush Shrike

Grey-headed Bush Shrike

Orange-breasted Bush Shrike

Orange-breasted Bush Shrike

Black-headed Heron

Black-headed Heron