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Queen Elizabeth I's pearl and ruby necklace. Historians say it's possible that the pearls may have belonged originally to her mother, Anne Boleyn.

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Hampton Court Palace, a residence of Henry VIII and possibly where Henry first laid eyes upon Anne Boleyn.

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Hampton Court Palace alley way. If you recognize this, The Tudors was filmed here!

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School for Black civil rights activists; young girl being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face, 1960 . Photo by Eve Arnold

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LZ 129 Hindenburg



Faith In Humanity Restored

Faith In Humanity Restored - 20 Pics


Taken at the Stone Wall at Gettysburg, the picture shows an old soldier writing his memories of the Battle of Gettysburg, at the Gettysburg Reunion. 1913 by Harris & Ewing.

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A silver gilt clock given to Anne Boleyn by Henry VIII, her falcon emblem can just be glimpsed on the side shield. Anne's apartments would have contained many very expensive ornaments like this.

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Anne Boleyn amethyst bracelet.

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You are a poet as I am a woman. Poets and women are always free with their hearts, are they not? ~ Anne Boleyn, The Tudors

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Anne Boleyn Necklace

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Stone marking the original site of the scaffold where Anne Boleyn and others were executed. It reads, "The following persons are known to have been executed on this spot."

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Locket ring of Queen Elizabeth I. (gold with enamel, rubies, diamonds & mother-of-pearl), The top portrait is of her mother, Ann Boleyn, the other is a profile of Elizabeth herself.

A Polar Bear's Tale: Queen Elizabeth's locket ring, ca.1575


Anne Boleyn Music Box - The musical movement is a japanese built piece which plays “Greensleeves”. Greensleeves appeared in the Elizabethan era and is most likely from Italy…however, it is commonly associated with Henry VIII as a ballad for Anne.

Remembering Anne Boleyn


Anne Boleyn room at hever castle | View from Anne Boleyn's bedroom Hever Castle

A room with a view!


Anne Boleyn's gold book. Anne Boleyn purportedly handed this miniature book of psalms, which contains a portrait of Henry VIII, to one of her maids of honour when on the scaffold in 1536. This precious manuscript is owned by The British Library.

The world's most beautiful miniature books - Telegraph


The Life Of Anne Boleyn

The Life Of Queen Anne Boleyn


Colored photograph by artist Marie Velkoknezna. Tsar Nicholas II Alexandrovich Romanova of Russia (1868-1918) with his wife Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, nee Princess Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt (1862-1918) in time of their engagement, year 1894.

Russian royalty by VelkokneznaMaria on deviantART


Czar Nicolas II and his family Romanov. Russia 1917

'3월의 토끼집' : 현대 러시아 영화계의 역사영화들.


Martyr Statue of Romanov Children

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Nikolaj II Aleksandrovitj Romanov . Tsar of Russia until 1918

Nikolaj II Aleksandrovitj Romanov . Tsar of Russia until 1918


Grand Duchess Anastasia Romanov - was she really murdered along with her family? Or did she later resurface as Anna Anderson, who claimed to survive the execution?

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The Romanov family in 1904. 14 years later they would all be brutally murdered while prisoners of the Red Army during the Russian Revolution.

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Ruth Elizabeth Becker, known later as Ruth Becker Blanchard, was one of the youngest passengers on the Titanic at 12 years old, and until relatively recently was one of the few remaining Titanic survivors.

The Story of Ruth Becker: Titanic Survivor