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Jensen is like this agent walking out of a car to check on a homicide while Misha is just stumbling out like a drunk trying to look like a cop.

Dean is done

That time Snooki was on Supernatural

Run Like Sam And Dean Winchester Are Waiting At The Finish Line With A Puppy – Stride Fitness Apparel

I would actually start running in these conditions


Love the moose :). Jared who plays Sam played Dean on Gilmore Girls . Quite amusing >>>> How did I never notice the "Moose's Market" thing?

It's true

My whole family are supernatural fans so one time the lights flickered and before anyone could my mom yeld grab the salt! And we put salt around the house just to be safe

I am laughing so hard.

Dean, Sam and Cass dancing like Beyonce. Why is this so funny?

I like Jensen being compared to Prince Philip a LOT better than a princess. Thank you to whoever made this! I'd like to also add that he was always my favorite Disney prince. He's bold, confident, funny, heroic, charming... Sound familiar? :)

This is awesome! Prince Phillip is my favorite prince and I love Dean!

The Lion King

here we have Simba looking at the drawing of himself. Its from Disney's the lion king movie. I have this phone case!

Lion King 2.

People should really take a good look at this movie. It's not a bad sequel to be perfectly honest. I really love all the lion king movies. We could learn so much.

Simba Nala. One of my favorite Disney movies as a child. Check out the website to see more

Tattoo Simba Favorite Disney Disney Couples Simba And Nala Tattoo