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Cute Vintage 1920s Bow Ring

Studs stacking rings, gold, diamond, handmade Platinum Diamond & Gold Ribbon Bow Ring by luxedeluxe engagement ring idea pretty

Vintage diamond ring

I love antique rings, I wear one Platinum & Diamond Engagement Ring: such a perfect example of glamour! This elegant ring has a ct center diamond that is accompanied by side baguettes, and the setting glitters with small round diamonds all over it.

Vintage tiaras

Vintage Tiaras - in my next life, I will have a tiara collection.

These vintage rings are timelessly beautiful.

Browse our one-of-a-kind antique and vintage engagement rings. Our timeless vintage rings originate from romantic eras of the past.

antique rings from Erstwhile Jewelry

pink & green oh my! stunning new antique and vintage engagement rings from Erstwhile Jewelry & lilyashwell jesse jo top