Dylan O'Brien!!!  I know you guys have fully been informed about my love of him but I seriously cannot help it... :)

Man Candy on

Dylan O'Brien in The Internship. Can his eyesight please diminish considerably so he is forced to wear fucking sexy nerd glasses for the rest of his life. That'd be perf thanks.

Dylan O'Brien

" "Yeah, no it doesn't work like that." "Thanks guys, I feel so loved." "aw I love you bro! *heart*" "Aww thanks bro!

Dylan O'Brien!!! Plus he's wearing my favorite superhero's symbol!! God!! I fucking can't!!!!

Stiles-Why is this starting to feel like your Batman and i'm Robin,i don't wanna be Robin all the time. Scott-Nobody is Batman or Robin any of the time. Stiles-Not even some of the time. Scott-Just get in the car. Stiles-Oo my god -Teen Wolf

Logan Lerman... WHY WHY must his face be so PERFECT!?

After seeing the perks of being a wallflower I've had developed a crush on Mr Logan Lerman, his cute face and beautiful blue eyes are just. And his acting is amazing♥

Dylan O'Brien

Do guys like Dylan O' Brian know their hot or does it not even occur to them

Matt Damon

Young Matt Damon (and let's be real, old Matt Damon too) is such a babe.