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Jackie Warner

Fitness Expert. Celebrity Trainer. Star of Bravo's Work Out Thintervention. Author of 2 NY Times bestsellers. Entrepreneur, Musician and Artist.
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Reduce your risk of anxiety, depression and related disorders Just as some foods help power up your mitochondria, specific foods also help maintain healthy cellular membranes, which are essential for positive mood and reduce your risk of anxiety, depression and related disorders. During the detox in This Is Why You’re Sick and Tired: (And How to Look and Feel Amazing), you’re already eliminating most saturated fats and all trans-fatty acids, both of which can damage cell membranes.

What is one small goal you will reach this week? I will drink 3 liters of water daily. Failing to hydrate will make your collagen cells weak and less plump. And sugar from food and alcohol introduces harmful, protein-damaging molecules that dry out collagen cells. When these proteins are thin and thirsty, you get wrinkles, saggy skin, cellulite and painful joints. Read more about the benefits of water on my blog http://jackiewarner.com/drink-it-in/

Are you a sugar addict? Trust me sugar is affecting your body in a very bad way, and you've got to kick the habit! Sugar addiction is serious. To see if you’re really hooked, take this questionnaire: http://jackiewarner.com/are-you-a-sugar-addict/ How many questions did you answer YES to? If you have kicked your sugar addiction, I would love to know how you kicked the habit.

Time to talk fat loss supplements! Read more on my blog post: http://jackiewarner.com/time-to-talk-fat-loss-supplements/

Here is a fact: There is only ONE patented ingredient that is a thermogenic. Do you know what it is? Answer is on my blog: http://jackiewarner.com/here-is-a-fact-there-is-only-one-patented-ingredient-that-is-a-thermogenic/ link is in my bio too #weightloss #supplements #fatloss #exercise #fit #goals #workout #gym #dieting #nutrition #health #healthy #fitlife #fitspo #gymlife

Good morning, one small positive thought in the morning can change your entire day! "I believe in myself, I can do anything!" #positive #motivation #goals #quote #inspire #dedication