Jensen's dancing is perfection. And I love Richard's perfectly balanced hop up in the background

So I& drooling over Jensen shakin that thang. Then out of nowhere, Matt comes into view backin his ass up. These guys rock!


"My all-time favorite Jensen thing has got to be his sad, defeated, long-suffering parent face.

Jensen's reaction on being woken up. Lol.

If this is really true: it's awesome :D Jensen is so relaxed on set/at work that he's falling asleep.this man is just so adorable!

Actual lines.

Enjoy the best quotes / moments from Supernatural's episode 'LOTUS'. 'LOTUS' is the episode of season twelve.


out-in-the-open: “ Jared is such an adorable little cutie! I love this because I actually do this with my family when I don’t want to share food!

AND PIE! No. It's Jensen's supposed to say " the family business"

Supernatural: AND PIE! It's supposed to say "the family business"

Introducing Professors Winchester, Winchester and er does Cas have a surname? Professor Angel? Lol

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supernatural, dean, and dean winchester image

Supernatural (lol)Oh sick burn<<*hands over cream to teacher* Apply twice daily