ACAT Campaign Against Torture: Back Of Seats

33 Powerful and Creative Public Interest Ads

ACAT Campaign Against Torture: Back Of Seats_“Victims are people just like you and Christian campaign to abloish torture.” (Advertising Agency: Advico Y, Zurich, Switzerland)

Seatbelt outdoor advertising

Created by Clement BBDO in Austalia, this billboard displays a huge slingshot in which appears to propel a passenger into the air. The message is clear, belt up or your body will be slinked.

Social campaign against animal testing for cosmetic products.

Cruelty Free Cosmetics: awesome ad for ENPA (The National Animals Protection Agency Of Itlay) to help victims of cosmetic tests. By Lowe Pirella Fronzoni, Milan, Italy.

Anti Smoking Ad

Funny pictures about The most clever anti-smoking advertisement ever. Oh, and cool pics about The most clever anti-smoking advertisement ever. Also, The most clever anti-smoking advertisement ever.

Anti-Pollution campaign.

Just because you cant see it doesnt mean its not there. GOD IS NOT MOCKED. We can't hide from His eyes

Ketchup sachet campaign against land mines.

"in 89 countries walking on a mine is still routine" brilliant landmine awareness ketchup pack ad from Publicis Mojo in 2006

Smoking campaign referencing 9/11 Twin Towers attack.

ASH: Deaths "Terrorism related deaths since 2001 : 11 337 / Tobacco related deaths since 2001 : 30 000 000 "

Montana Meth Project

Visual Persuasion - Pinned by Brenn Richard - I picked this image because I think this is an extremely powerful (shock) advertisement and I believe images like these are necessary to create awareness about the dangers of drug abuse.

Awareness campaign demonstrating the struggle of Parkinsons.

staircase sticker for makes it look like you are climbing a mountain. "The world looks different when you suffer from Parkinson's"