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Pencey Women’s Deep V Dress This Deep V blue & white dress by Pencey is a perfect dress for the warm summer months. It features a beautifully intricate design pattern that is sure to get some looks. Worn above by Jessica Stein of Tuula.

Crunch Chop - Fast Abs Workout: 5-Minutes to a Flat Stomach - Shape Magazine

Abs Workout: to a Flat Stomach ~ Do this quick circuit after cardio for a swimsuit-ready stomach! healthy-living-it-s-a-way-of-life excercise excercise ab-challenge healthy-diet

Say goodbye to those thick thighs with these moves.  Check them out!

20 Hot Moves for Sexy Thighs Get those thighs thinned out fast with these 20 moves! This is the best thigh work out ever!

POP Pilates: Saddlebag Shaver, fun workout. :D

Saddlebag or outer thigh workout. Let's shave off those things hanging off the sides of your legs.

one simple pilates move to tone and shape thighs (particularly saddlebags)

one simple pilates move to tone and shap thighs (particularly saddlebags) Reps 10

After all of that drama with the little girl dressed as Link, I'm a little scared to post this, but here is Voltron Girl [NOT MY KID]

"Sure I'll wear a 'tiara'. what weapons does it have?" Not to put down girls who want to wear tiaras, of course, but this is awesome!