Hemen başlıyorum! Start on January 1st with an empty jar. Throughout the year write the good things that happened to you on little pieces of paper. On December 31st, open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you that year.

. 365 days of good memories

Great New Year's idea: Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. Then, on New Years Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year. Good way to keep things in perspective.

Making fonts with iFontMaker App

Turn your handwriting into a font with this iPad app. This is a great way for the students to practice their letters and be creative. This Ipad app allows them to write their letters, but come up with a unique font to represent them.

Moodboards with paper tape

Moodboards with paper tape, wonder if painters tape would be ok for the wall and not damage the actual paint. Love for Craft room

Amazing nutella hot chocolate recipe ~ Unglaublich leckeres Nutella heiße Schokolade Rezept :)))

NUTELLA HOT CHOCOLATE: 1 cup milk, 2 Tbsp Nutella, 1 Tbsp Cocoa ,Tiny pinch of salt. In a small sauce pan over medium heat, whisk all ingredients together until well blended and hot. Pour in a cup and top with homemade whipped cream and shaved chocolate.

Doily envelope liner.

Weddbook ♥ diy lace doily envelope for wedding invitations. Handmade - DIY vintage wedding shower or wedding invitation with lace doily envelope doily envelope diy lace invitation vintage

Bunu @Oguz Güner görsün! Buckle Up - Key Holder -- $24.00

Old Seat Belt Buckle Key Holder. Would be cool with a vintage car buckle- what a fun idea!

Step into My Paw-fice Paperclips

Step into My Paw-fice Paperclips

Step into My Paw-fice Paperclips. Add an element of fun to blas paperwork with these adorable paperclips!

Handmade Wood LEGO Blocks from iichi

Far East Fetish

Handmade Wood LEGO Blocks from iichi - Wouldn't these be fun to leave out in your waiting area for clients to play with? - pinned by Private Practice from the Inside Out at www.

LEGO Apple Store

Look at this Apple Store made out of legos! It is amazing what you can do with legos.

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