Get a photo of your little girl in your wedding dress <3

on your wedding day, take a picture of your flower girl in your dress hide it until her wedding day then give it to her! Also get a picture of your daughter(s) in your wedding dress at like age 5 and then give to them on their wedding day!

Christmas card idea... this is the CUTEST!

Christmas card idea, or family photo opp idea - toddler sampling Santa's milk and cookies!

Love this perspective.

Love the angle on this bouquet shot! But make the bride and groom in black in white and only make the flowers in color.


LOVE this! Alisia K Photography, Family Photographer, Springfield, Missouri. LOVE the first pic with the big family slightly separated into family groups

Cute shot

(this comment is hilarious:) I find most pregnancy pics totally cheese-dick. This one I actually kinda like.I'm sure I can get josh to do this since his face won be in the picture and he can be watching tv while taking the picture ha.

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