I wish! I really want to be a genie mermaid who rides a magic carpet under the sea. My mind has some trippy thoughts.

Because they r looking for regular pretty fish in the sea while there is a pretty freaking awesome mermaid swimming around,but no! They want a fish! Not saying your a fish Cam. Colton saw the mermaid in ya!

These Disney Poster GIFs Are Awesome

"Part of You World" Ariel - The Little Mermaid by Illustrator and Graphic Designer Jeca Martinez Gifs ✿*´♥¨✿* ♥¸*¸


"I plunge in, immersed in the deep blue abyss of my being, suspended in a dream, a liminal limbo between knowing myself and losing myself completely." ~Melpomene Selemidis 'Sirens Of Santorini '


Mermaid - Malena Sharkey diving in Cozumel, in the stunning image that’s on the cover of Sarah Porter’s YA novel Lost Voices: Chris Crumley’s Mermaid Photography

Haha! Well, the hubby might enjoy this in my newly decorated ocean-themed bathroom.

DECORATIVE BathTank Lever Toilet Flush Handle Mermaid CHROME Finish

Cat mermaids

"Catfish" - cute fantasy cat mermaids illustration Canvas Print by Vivien Wu

What Type of Mermaid Are You?

What Type of Mermaid Are You?