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Old star vs rookie. One of many exciting things about the NBA Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan

Wow. this is funny.

I Am Not A Monkey's Cousin by Sarah Koshiol I’m NOT a monkey’s cousin Not a single person is We’re over all the animals No baboon's my relative We did not evolve from creatures Crawling out of slime We were all CREATED .

Jay-z & Kanye West "Otis"

the "Otis" Maybach is going to be for sale soon. Great you can buy a chopped up Maybach with the trunk welded to the hood

Jay-z & Kanye West "Otis"

The 'Otis' Maybach - Jay Z, Kanye West, Spike Jones. Otis is the 2012 Grammy Award winning track. The Maybach turned Frankenstein muscle car is up for auction with all proceeds going to Save the Children. Call your bank man for an overdraft!