Gaming, Then and Now (Part 4)

Another great comic by Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly] - it's funny because it's so accurate

How Professor Layton Really Ends

How Professor Layton Really Ends. I am dying of laughter.

Test Thy Courage

The Legend of Zelda: Test thy courage by BradyGoldsmith on DeviantArt

Mega Man Created by Jonatan Iversen-Ejve

An awesome Mega Man tribute poster by one of our favorite digital artists, Jonatan Iversen-Ejve.

Shut Up and Take My Gold Coin!

Shut Up and Take My Gold Coin!

T-Shirt ever? This T-Shirt takes the original Star Wars poster and mixes in some Mario fun. Mario is a mast.


people underestimate how scary as fuck Pokemon would be if it were a movie not a children’s cartoon

Saw this amazing poster and. it hit me. How is it, a Pokemon “in-real-life” movie hasn’t been made? It could be so awesome. Now i’ll always hope.

Classic Video Game Logic

Classic Video Game Logic

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