Ain't this the truth!

{'I'd like a Diet Coke please.' 'Is Diet Pepsi okay?' 'Is Monoply money okay?'} My feelings exactly

i seriously laughed out loud haha, my bad.

not Crabbe, but Blaise Zabini. WB fired the actor that played Crabbe after he got caught smoking/selling marijuana. If you thought this was Crabbe, you dumb.


I know this is supposed to be a mean girls reference but I Don't know if it's just me but I like the ending in the book alot more. When Harry repairs his wand then puts the elder wand back in Dumbledore s tomb.

I seriously had tears in my eyes.

Watch the kids from Harry Potter grow up. I dare you to make it all the way through without crying. Ok, I did cry. Beautiful - so sweet!


Ron predicted something that came true?<< JK Rowling actually said Ron was great at Divination

Boy Meets World

Funny pictures about Eric from Boy meets world. Oh, and cool pics about Eric from Boy meets world. Also, Eric from Boy meets world.

Sassy Pants - LOL!

"Outta the way world. I've got my sassy pants on today. mallorca I think your Tron-pants would be equivalent to sassy pants. I think it would be best if you found a spare pair.

This sign should hang on the front door of my apartment.

Sometimes I wish life was more like a musical.maybe people would be happier if they broke out in song and dance numbers more often.