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Orignal artwork done by me...

Art by Juan Acosta
 Mixed Media on Paper. Mixed Media, Wonder Woman, Paper, Artwork, Painting, Women, Art Work, Work Of Art, Auguste Rodin Artwork

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman. Mixed Media on Paper. 9" × 12".

 Pastel on Board. Mystic, Healing, Pastel, Gemstones, Board, Artwork, Painting, Art Work, Pie

Sisterly Encounter. Pastel on Board. 18" × 24". Yemaya & Ochún

 Charcoal on Paper. Charcoal, Candy, Paper, Artwork, Painting, Sweet, Art Work, Toffee, Work Of Art

Candy. Charcoal on Paper. 9" × 12". 2018.

Ochun by Juan Acosta💖 African Goddess, Orisha, Black Love, Spiritual Growth, Colored Pencils, Afro, Caribbean, Disney Characters, Fictional Characters

GALLERY | Art by Juan Acosta

Ochún. Colored Pencil on Paper. 9" × 12". 2018.

Eshu, Orisha of uncertainty and change, Divine Trickster. otá (Eshu clay head with cowrie shells); red/black eleke (necklace) with keys. Orisha, Man And Dog, Black And Brown, Red Black, Future Tattoos, Black History, Colored Pencils, Art Gallery, Voodoo

GALLERY | Art by Juan Acosta

Elegguá. Colored Pencil on Paper. 9" × 12". 2018

 Pastel on Board. Cactus Blossoms, Art Gallery, Pastel, Board, Artwork, Plants, Art Work, Art Museum, Pie

GALLERY | Art by Juan Acosta

Arizonan Cactus Blossom. Pastel on Board. 12" × 12". 2017