Great outfit - note he's wearing braces, not suspenders!

Suspenders, bow tie, hat, cuffed pants, love it all. But would the mister wear this? Doubt it!

1920s Panama hat - common in the summer months

Mens Hats - A common straw hat for summer was the Panama, in particular the Optimo Panama hat. It was hand-woven of very light weight South Americ.

Pastels, including this pale pink shirt, were popular in the summer months.

Corporate—Midnight navy suit, midnight navy braces, pink micro check shirt, and grey wool tie all by MAB (custom made). Watch by Montblanc. tie bar by Tiffany & Co. Leather/suede spectator lace-ups by Barker Black.

Suspenders were commonly worn to hold up their pants, since men didn't really start wearing belts until the end of this decade.

Well actually, they wore braces, not suspenders. Braces have button fasteners, while suspenders have metal clasps that attach to your pants.

Braces or Suspenders as our American brothers and sisters call them, are in their simplest form a material strap worn over the shoulders used to hold up