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Love Me Some Animals!

Love Me Some Animals!

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Ahh, these dog rescue videos get me every single time! I want to save them aaaaaall.

Westie: Harry Potter version. OMG.

Welcome to Hollywoof! The best dogs dressed as TV and film stars

Alfred Hitchcock and his Westie.

Twiggy & Westie babies ^_^

Freaking adorable.

mc-random-8 : theBERRY

Adorably stubborn dogs.

Freaking adorable.

Ice cream pig!


Groovy little boy. #westhighhlandterrier

Love my babies. Corgi/terrier mix and a west highland!

Aww, this looks just like my Charlie when he was a baby :)

This stance is the reason I love terriers. That and their adorable little booties!

Terrier pack... This is where my boys and I belong!

Meet Oogy, Oogy was about ten weeks old and weighed 20 pounds he was tied to a stake and used as bait for a Pit Bull. The left side of his face including most of his ear was torn off. He was bitten so hard a piece of his lower jaw was crushed. Afterward, he was thrown into a cage and left to bleed to death. If you have time to reblog nail polish and makeup photos, youll have time to reblog this, respect for Oogy...He's a survivor for a breed ruined by horrible people. I believe in these dogs.

Swimming pigs!

Phantom of the Opurrra :)

This bird loves chocolate.

Jack Sparrow!

I wish all animals could fly!

Aww, I love this happy panda!

Squishy face puppy!

Happy hamster :)

THE LION KING! It's Timon and Pumba in real life!